About Codependent Men

Placing the needs and wants of others first to the exclusion of acknowledging one’s own needs
Difficulty expressing feelings to others
Worry about how others respond to one’s feelings and emotions
Fear of being hurt and/or rejected by others
Self-esteem dependent on approval by others
Often feeling not good enough or that one does not measure up

To a larger degree than women, men are frequently taught as children to “bear troubles, suck it up and move on”.  Showing much emotion or feeling or asking for help is perceived  by many as a weakness in a man.  Feeling one thing and showing the world something different is a way of life for a codependent . That charade has a tendency to get old.  When the pain to stay the same exceeds the pain to change, a man changes.  I did.  You can.

In overcoming codependency one of the responsibilities a person is charged with is to pass on what they have learned. This blog contains thoughts and feelings rooted in my journey of recovery from codependence so far.  I share to remind myself of what I have come to believe with the hope doing that helps others.

There are many men who have denied themself for far too long. If you are tired of trying to be what everyone else wants you to be then your journey is at its beginning.  You are not alone! 

6 comments on “About Codependent Men

  1. I have not checked comments in ages nor have I added to the blog in a long time. I will simply take it all down… I apologize for offending you. By including the link to the original content I thought I was doing a good thing. So sorry.

  2. The “by” is something wordpress does automatically. Please notice I give credit at the end of every entry to the writer and the url where it can be located. It is my hope that from the short piece readers will seek the full article. I mean no harm and receive no compensation what so ever. I am a recovering codependent and so little information is skewed at men. Just trying to help.

  3. I looked and see you take ALL your copy from other people and then claim it as your own when at the top of your site you say “By James Browning.” I will notify all the people you have taken content from.

  4. I searched on my name and I see you have appropriated even more of my blogs than I thought. Please take them down or use one paragraph and link to me site. Putting a link at the end when people are done reading is NOT enough.

  5. I applaud your efforts! When I get around this area of writing, I’ll throw a link to your blog as a support resource. 🙂

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